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Traditional HDR vs BIRD FLAMBIENT Difference

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The Flambient technique involves combining an ambient shot with flashed-light shots to bring forth a final photo with a very natural feel of the room and its colors. Unlike HDR, Flambient speaks more authentic to the paint colors and will provide potential home buyers/renters with an accurate representation of each room.


Nobody likes Flashy photos! A flashed picture is not a final product. It only serves to illuminate the room enough to get the correct colors and avoid harsh glare. We then add the ambient shot layer that will show the natural balance of light, and when we combine these 2, we can create what is known as Flambient. Each Flash-paint session usually takes up to an additional 15-30 minutes from standard HDR sessions. We can photograph your property very quickly if needed but keep in mind that the more time allowed on-site, the better the results. We don't charge by the hour!

FINAL RESULT (Ambient + Flash combined)

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