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Boutique Photography in less than 60 minutes. Old School & New School, the best.

Final Result 

Bird Solutions Photography Concept & Breakdown:

Everything you need to know is right below, its worth the read! We care for your time.

We added supplemental flash-light shots to traditional HDR Photography. We are pushing it to the next level. We added serious talent to fast-paced appointments. Old school and new school all together. We are  Lakewood Colorado Locals.

Our technique known as Flash-Ambient photography has been finessed over time with some bizarre methods that get the job done quickly and efficiently to produce high-impact images; Hollywood looks-feel, with real room colors.

What are the benefits of Flash-Paint photography?

- Creates real room colors and a true representation of what you need to see. Flash-light controls all the HDR myriad light sources by becoming the dominant light source.  By having flashed lighting as the dominant light source, you control the white balance and subsequent colors. This overcomes a major shortcoming of HDR photography where, each ambient shot will widely vary in colors, creating somewhat surreal colors in walls, ceilings, and cabinets.


We have the skills to do both techniques, by blending them, the results are unbelievable. If you are serious about providing the best to your clients, you should try our Bird Solutions Flambient technique. We believe in providing a strong session with solid communication for the best results possible.

View the BEFORE and AFTER difference below. FLAMBIENT on the left and HDR on the right.

We also come from the Skiing and Snowboarding photography industry!



Above & Beyond - All of the extra effort comes through in the final product. Photography is such an important component in our business and Bird photography really delivers. A complete photo-shoot with all of the latest techniques sets your listings apart from the others. Very pleased!


I've been selling houses for almost 14 yrs and I never came across a Real Estate Photographer as good and resourceful as Mr. Caballero. Talk about professionalism and he's a great example. Tomas, thank you very much for the amazing job on shooting my Listing, your amazing job is paying off.

Sheila, Local GUIDE

Very happy with all the photos. I have hired other's and wasn't happy. I will continue to use him now that I have found someone who can deliver exceptional photos. Definitely helpful to get listings sold - FAST

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