We provide an all-in-one Real Estate Marketing service for everybody in need of professional Real Estate photography, 3D Matterport VR Tours, Virtual Staging, Floorplans, Drone imagery, and property websites.


We are Real Estate Photography specialists and Advertising Creatives. When it comes to our signature technique, we are known as "Flash-Painters" which combines Ambient light exposures with flash-paint exposures of each room angle, creating an incredible and realistic final Photo with real room colors and a natural feel.

We are FAA Certified, fully insured and have been in the professional photography industry for over 15 years in Colorado, Florida and Patagonia Argentina.

We welcome Architects, Builders, Realtors, For Sale-By-Owners, Inspectors, Business Owners, and everybody that needs premium quality and reliable photos to try our services. For customized projects and different requests, please contact us directly. We have set up packages but we understand that every property is different. We will accommodate.

Feel free to contact us at sales@bird-solutions.com.



BIRD Signature  VS HDR Photography


We do HDR Photography but we wouldn't be real estate photography specialists by doing HDR only. We are offering a technique that will keep the actual room colors and tones from being altered by all the different temperatures we get from exterior, interior and fixture lighting when bracketing (multiple exposure/HDR).

HDR (High Dynamic Range or bracketing) is a feature of many modern cameras. When set, it will automatically take several bracketed shots (covering the entire light spectrum). This mix of multiple light spectrum shots can change ceiling, wall and cabinet colors making your property look somewhat surreal with Orange and Blueish tones.  All that hard work in getting the property ready for Sale/Rental will not be appreciated in the photography. We know how to get this right. Here is where we introduce our Bird-Solutions ® Signature technique by using supplemental & portable speedlights and monolights to create real room colors and an amazing natural feel.  The pictures above show the differences very clearly.


We always make sure your property looks perfect. Rainy days? not a problem, we include sky replacement for every exterior front and back shot of your property in every photo package. We also offer Car and trash removal editing and garage door replacement. When it comes to edits, we can do it all!


Virtual Twilight has become very popular in today's Real Estate photography industry. We don't need to come back at night for it, with our advanced Photoshop and Lightroom post-processing techniques we are capable of creating beautiful twilight photos even on the sunniest day. VR Twilight has definitely become one of our bestseller services offered as an  Add-on package for every album.


We have been doing photography for 15+ years with strong roots in the Skiing and Snowboarding industry. We are mountain people! In our early days, we used to spend most of our time working in the Colorado Rockies for a professional photography company doing ski racing, portrait, park and deep powder sessions. 

sales@bird-solutions.com       Tel: 239-565-4339

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