We added flash and portable supplemental lighting to the traditional HDR Photo method that most services offer today. Our Flambient technique has made it possible to bring high-end Commercial & Architecture photography to the public and general Real Estate Market with fantastic pricing and fast turnaround.  There is no secret; we added another tool into the process that is extremely important for high-end results, and that not everybody can do. 

What is HDR Photography?

HDR Photography is the standard in today's market. HDR or High Dynamic Range is a technique that aims to add more "Dynamic range of light" to photographs. Instead of just taking one photo, HDR usually takes 3 to 5 images (known as bracketing) of the same scene. Generally speaking, a photographer will take a very dark exposure, a standard room exposure, followed by a very bright photo to obtain all the necessary Light and pixel information. Then, graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are required to blend these exposures in the Post-processing phase.


What is Flambient Photography?

The Flambient technique involves combining an ambient shot with flashed-light shots to bring forth a final photo with a natural feel of the room and its colors. Unlike HDR, Flambient speaks more authentic to the paint colors and will provide potential home buyers/renters with an accurate representation of each room. Flash-light controls all the HDR light sources by becoming the dominant light source. By having flashed lighting as the chief light source, you maintain the white balance and subsequent colors. This overcomes a significant shortcoming of HDR photography where each ambient shot will widely vary in colors, creating somewhat surreal colors in walls, ceilings, and cabinets.


Final Composition

Our technique known as Flash-Ambient photography has been finessed over time with really cool methods that get the job done quickly and efficiently to produce high-impact images; Hollywood looks-feel, with real room colors.

What are the benefits of Flambient photography?

Creates real room colors and a true representation of what you need to see. Flash-light controls all the automatic HDR myriad light sources by becoming the dominant light source.  By having flashed lighting as the dominant light source, you control the white balance and subsequent colors. This overcomes a major shortcoming of HDR photography where, each exposure will widely vary in colors, creating somewhat surreal colors in walls, ceilings, and cabinets. 


Definition of photography

: the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor) - Mirriam-Webster Dictionary.
Please view the HDR and Flambient differences below. HDR on the left and Bird Flambient on the right.

HDR Color Cast: Blue and Orange windows/walls

Left HDR photo:

HDR can struggle to get the correct colors. For example, are the colors of the wall grey or beige?

Can you notice that blue-ish and orange-ish color cast on the window and corner walls? This is HDR’s biggest problem. After all the costly renovations and new paint with HDR photos, you have a high chance of creating somewhat surreal colors and lacking proper color representation.

Right BIRD Flambient photo:

By adding a flash-painting exposure, we add an extra layer to the final composition that will allow us to show the accurate room colors.  A flashed photo is not a final product and only serves to illuminate the room enough to get correct colors and avoid harsh glare. Then, we add the ambient shot layer that will show the natural balance of light, and when we combine these two, we can create what is known as a Flambient photo.

If you just read the whole thing, it shows that you care for your property as much as we do.

Thank you for reading, 

Tomás - Art Director - Photographer

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John Cottam - Local Guide

I couldn't be more satisfied with the photos Bird Real Estate Photography took of my unit! The Matterport 3D Tour is exceptional as well. Will definitely use Bird again for my future marketing needs.

Eliette Harrison - Realtor

Fantastic service and gorgeous photos! Tomas was professional, quick to respond with any questions, reasonably priced and the photos are AMAZING! From the time he photographed my Beaver Creek home to receiving the photos was less than 24 hours. So refreshing to have a company deliver MORE than expected. I will be using them again and referring them to friends and family. Thank you!

Cuiting Zhu - Hotel Owner

We had a great experience working with the team! Everyone is very professional and responsive. Tomas is an amazing Photographer, the twilight and drone shots took my breath away, well worth every penny. The property we own is built in 1930s and it’s not perfect, but Tomas help to hide some imperfections and made the rooms look amazing. He delivered the photos in a very timely manner and everything is gorgeous! We love working with them and would definitely recommend the service to everyone!