The Power of Virtual Staging

When it comes to selling a home, the driving force behind marketing has always been to provide prospective buyers with a vision of what their life could be like living on that property –to employ strategic storytelling that entices excitement, warmth, and welcome emotions. Staging a home has long been a method utilized by real estate agents to help their clients sell their homes efficiently to prospective homebuyers by creating design possibilities with updated furniture and design layouts. However, what was once only a luxury for homeowners who could afford to stage their home onsite to provide an enhanced experience for potential buyers has now shifted and become more easily accessible and affordable with the help of virtual staging.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging takes the basic concepts of conventional onsite staging by digitalizing photos with interior design and graphic editing software. Once a professional photographer has taken pictures of a property about to go on the market, they can seamlessly upload their photos into editing software and add furniture and décor to a room based on your desired design concepts. From modern, conventional, to traditional décor styles, all becomes possible with virtual staging. Additionally, photographers can also enhance exterior lighting ambiance by virtually adding in twilight imagery without having to come onto the property later to shoot with different lighting manually.

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Staging?

· Onsite staging can cost upwards of thousands of dollars depending on the home's size and the cost of the staging company. However, homeowners can virtually stage their home for 90% cheaper than conventional onsite staging with monthly rental fees.

· Staging vacant homes are now more cost-effective with virtual staging techniques

· Virtual staging can also save time, as we mentioned above. Rather than visiting a

property multiple and have people in and out of your home to stage with furniture; virtual staging seamlessly eliminates these setbacks.

· Data analysis algorithms scan millions of images across the internet and evaluate them based on how many views and likes they have received. This data is then imported into the software to help create interior and décor models in the virtual staging process. Therefore, what furniture and design concepts you see have been chosen and liked by thousands of homeowners and potential buyers.

· Virtual staging also allows real estate agents to leave a lasting and luxurious impression on home buyers by enhancing potential home buyers' experience by positively setting your listings apart from others on the market.

Final Thoughts

Strategic storytelling is crucial in selling homes efficiently in a competitive market. Therefore, it's essential for real estate agents to invest in high-quality photography and staging solutions to provide potential buyers with an experience they will never forget. Virtual staging offers cost-effective solutions, but it also opens up doors of opportunity for what a property could become in the future.

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Tomas Caballero

Art Director - Photographer


Denver, Colorado