à la carte Fine 360 Tours

How it works

1 - Order your 360 Photos

Choose from 5, 10, and 15  360 photos depending on how many rooms you would like to show. The math is simple: 1 room = 1 360 photo. Save time, get instant confirmations, email reminders, and calendar integration for seamless bookings! 

2- Post-processing

We edit and apply advanced post-processing techniques to every single image. We correct verticals, white balance, contrast, saturation, sharpness and include blue sky replacement at no extra cost!

3- Delivery

Our turnaround time is 72 hs. All photos come in MLS and Print size ready. Just drag, drop, publish, sit back and relax! 6 months hosting included.


Five (5)

360 Fine photos

It is recommended for small apartments, condos, or tiny houses. In and Out! Estimated time-on-site 45 Mins.




(Ten) 10

360 Fine photos

 It is recommended for medium-size homes between 2,000 and 3,500 sqft and usually 3-4 Bedrooms. Basement photos and exterior shots can add up!

 Estimated time-on-site 60 mins.



Fifteen (15)

360 Fine photos

It is recommended for 4-5 Bedroom Estates or properties above 4,000 sqft with additional Guest Houses, In-laws, barns, Large basements, and luxury amenities. Show it all.



Virtual Tour Specialist

We produce everything in-house. We use professional DSLR cameras, 3D Lenses, and Panoramic tripods. 

Tours are Fully customizable and have no 3rd party's mandatory logos (Like matterport), just your brand! 

Post-Processing included

We add contrast, saturation, sharpness, fix verticals, and reduce shadows on every 360 image.

Hosting included - 6 months

You will have six (6) free months to showcase your listing. You can extend your hosting an additional six month period (Full year) for $99 dollars 

Property Website

You will have your own fully customizable property website ready to share on multiple platforms with traffic reports and lead generation. Active for 6 months.

48 hs turnaround

Please allow 48-72hs. 360 Fine photography requires time! This is the best tour you will find, handcrafted and High-Res all-in-one.

360 Virtual Staging

Avoid thousands of dollars in expensive on-site staging. On average, each 360 Virtually staged photo costs $95. Choose from multiple furniture styles.  

Fine 360 Tour Sample 

Navigation: The lower bar on every tour will have thumbnails of every room. You can either click through them or walk through each scene by clicking on each white-circled hotspot on the floor.


The first tour is a Vacant property. The Second tour is the same property but with our in-house 360 Virtual Staging. We also added some logos, info spots, and music for a fully immersive experience. 


We offer the most refined 360 Virtual staging in the area. If you have an empty room, for only $95, you can 360 virtually stage it. Please get in touch with sales@bird-solutions.com for a specific quote. Virtual staging will allow you to save thousands of Dollars on on-site staging. In addition, we will provide you with an extensive Catalogue with hundreds of furniture and decor to choose from. In this way, you can precisely select what you want. If you need to change the design or didn't like what you chose, we charge a "Revision," and it has a $50 additional charge; why? Because you have to redo the scene entirely. We Produce professional-quality 360 3D renders that require time, planning, and lots of graphic design composition. Revisions are only available within 72 hours after delivery.

Our Staging Catalogue is divided into rooms, furniture & decor styles. You will scroll and choose from Modern, Traditional, Transitional, Nordic, and Holidays. We constantly update content to change furniture and design depending on new designs, trends, and fashion.